Monitoring & Remote Support

Smart Data For Smart Buildings

First Controls remote support service allows us to seamlessly connect to any of our supported Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) or Building Management Systems (BMS). Alternatively we are also able to offer stand alone solutions that do not integrate with the sites existing BMS, therefore making it an inexpensive solution that is also easy to roll-out across multiple sites with minimum disruption, whist allowing us to monitor the sites operation and performance.

Benefits of adding your sites to our support center: 


One of the main reasons for doing this is to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. By adding your site to our support center you will enable us to increase through remote programming the potential energy reductions of your site and lock down of the system parameters, we are then able to carry out continued reviews of your site to ensure that it is operating to its peak performance.

By monitoring critical equipment as well as the environment within your building, we are able to immediately identify where potential energy wastage is occurring, so that we can act upon this immediately. 

Informed maintenance and reactivity 

Another key benefit of adding your site to our support center allows us to diagnose and rectify some faults without ever having to attend site even before the occupier is aware of an issue. However It is not always possible to fix all faults remotely but by having your site connected to our support center allows engineers to be fully prepared in advance of site visits and therefore the ability to reduces down time on site as well as costs. It also offers you greater peace of mind knowing that someone is only a phone call away to help get things back up and running,

Alarm Monitoring 

Sometimes it is very easy to overlook important system alarms if you don’t know exactly what you are looking at, by adding your site to our support center you will have an expert on hand 24/7 to act on these alarms appropriately as soon as they happen.

Often things can go unnoticed for a long period of time before they are picked up and this can and does very often result in a very large bill, weather it be due to increased energy costs or a repair bill caused be further damage. By being alerted to an issue immediately and acted upon will help or even negate the costs.  

As well as being able to providing live and historical data, our systems can send alarms to stakeholders, facilities managers, Security or any number of people you wish. 

Running and on going costs 

Our systems can also be used for performance led data to inform you of the implementation of maintenance strategies, improve equipment operating lifecycles and reduce running and ongoing costs.

Occupier comfort 

By measure key environmental data from within occupies spaces for example temperatures, humidity, Co2 levels and even weather or not a space is occupied it is possible and often necessary to improve the occupier experience, health and wellbeing. 

Other benefits included 

  • Secure design, with secure connections and data backups.

  • Reduce risk with remote access for all operators with an expert on hand 24/7.

  • Private cellular network via your own VPN for flexibility and security.

  • We manage all operating system service updates.

  • Manage all your sites, compare and manage your data from one place.

  • Customer peace of mind with managed secure cloud solution.

So what can we monitor? Well you name it and the chances are we can monitor it. Below is a list of just some of the things to give you an idea: 

  • HVAC flow and return temperatures

  • Space temperature

  • Water / leak presence detection

  • Motion

  • Filter conditions 

  • Plant alarms 

  • Light levels

  • Differential pressure

  • CO2 levels

  • Humidity

  • Motor condition

  • And much more