Variable Speed Drives

How can VSD’s Help?

less energy consumption, Extended Motor Life, and lower operating costs but to name a few.

Motors operating as direct online motors can use as much as 8 times more energy especially with large motors that have a large inrush current present at start up.

It is to often the case that electric motors on site are constantly running at 100% capacity despite the demand not being present. This as a result increases the energy consumption, puts unnecessary ware and tear on the motor and cost you money through larger energy bills and maintenance costs.


By install and correctly configuring a variable speed drive (VSD) on to the electric motor ensures you are subjecting the electric motor to less wear and tear and therefore can significantly increase it operating life span.

In addition by installing a VSD onto an electric motor allows you to increase and decrease the motor operation as and when necessary and this process can be automated so that the electric motor only runs as and when required and at the speed required to help reduce your energy costs and ongoing maintenance costs.

At First Controls Ltd we have many years of experience in supplying, installing, and commissioning a wide range of VSD's and can advise you on the best solution to meet your specific needs.

Given that we are independent and therefore not restricted by any particular manufacturers allows us to recommend the best solution for the application or budget.

We can also advise you on the expected payback term of supplying and installing a VSD and the energy cost you could save.

Key benefits


  • Lower start-up power requirements.

  • Precise control over speed, acceleration and torque output.

  • Reduced energy consumption.

  • Cost savings over time.