Building Management Systems

Service, Maintenance & Repair 

First controls Ltd specialise in servicing, maintaining and repairing a wide range of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS). We are experts in Trend, Cylon, Tridium and Satchwell control systems. Working closely with our partners we are also able to support a number of additional systems.


By taking up one of a variety of our service level  agreements (SLA), your system is in safe hands and you can rest assured that your system will be working to its full potential. Having an SLA in place also provides your site with the reassurance that the controls in your building are regularly maintained and as an added benefit you will receive priority call out should a fault or problem occur. Furthermore, when taking an SLA with First Controls Ltd we are also able to offer discounted rates off manufacturers list prices for any parts that your site may require.

With energy cost continually increasing, the reduction of energy consumption is often at the forefront of potential tenants, landlords, occupier's and property buyers. By ensuring that the building management system has been regularly maintained can add value to the development for you or any future prospective tenants or buyers.


Costs for servicing a BMS or BEMS system can vary depending on your requirements and/or the building and plant size. But you can rest assured that here at First Controls we will guide you through each step to ensure that our services are engineered to your specific needs.

Following completion of each service visit we will also provide a full detailed analysis report of your system performance, whilst identifying potential improvements to maximise efficiency and reduce energy usage.


SLA options include but not limited to:

  • Firefighting at the directive of the FM team prior to service commencement.

  • System interrogation, recording time zones, temperature set points, alarm status.

  • Critical issue reporting.

  • BMS service including testing and reporting of all BMS outstations and associated BMS points/peripheral BMS equipment. 

  • Ensure correct environmental conditions are being achieved.

  • Technical counselling and direct support for BMS related issues.

  • Ensure all control sensors are operational and within calibration.

  • Prompt assistance with reported problems.

  • On site, hands-on BMS guidance and training to site operators.

  • Software back-up of BMS systems and on/off site archiving.

  • 24/7 call out standby assistance. 


Emergency Response 

We can also provide an emergency response service, should your system experience any failures, even if you don't have a service level agreement with us. Please get in touch and we will do our upmost to get you back up and running.

For emergency enquiries, please call our office on 01772 620504 or call our sales director directly on

07596 163439 

Projects, Installation & Commissioning

As a leading Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS) company, we believe that we can offer you a high quality delivery service at extremely

competitive prices.


By installing a complete BEMS or BMS system you will have the convenience of your whole plant operating automatically. This can include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, meter interfacing and much more, all of which can be controlled from a centralised device or from any PC or device in the world.


Our BEMS and BMS systems are also designed to optimize the performance of your heating, cooling and ventilation system, so you can also benefit from energy reduction therefore resulting in cheaper energy bills.


Your installation will be allocated to one of our experienced and qualified project managers who will be your single point of contact. They will be responsible for all elements of the project, meaning you do not need to worry about a thing.

Looking to upgrade or install an open protocol system?

One of the most significant benefits of an open protocol system is greater flexibility of control through an improved range of solutions that can be tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Additional benefits include enhanced visualization and analytic tools, offering a more intuitive user-friendly experience. Even if you don’t plan to immediately use the full potential functionality of the latest variant of a new building management system, having the available potential to add and integrate systems at a later date is a valuable resource, and will certainly be a bonus for any building.

By upgrading the system to an alternative manufacturer, you will receive an average of 12 months warranty on all new equipment supplied. In addition to this, any existing defects would be identified as part of the re-commissioning process.

If you are utilising a fairly closed protocol system and a fault should occur meaning you require prompt assistance then you are limited to the resources that your current service provider can offer to you. However, by utilising an open protocol system ensures extensive resources are available to you from a wide range of service providers meaning any issues or faults that occur can be dealt with promptly.


Levels of customer service can vary widely between businesses. By installing an open protocol system, you are free to choose a service provider that offers you a level of customer service that meets your requirements and expectations. In a competitive market this ensures that service providers are offering you a high standard of customer service to lead to your continued business. In addition to this you are free from the knowledge that you are tied into one specific service provider.

Additional benefits of upgrading the system to one of the latest variants of open protocol building management systems could mean that it would require less human input in the management process of achieving optimal control. This in turn could mean that you can potentially reduce the number of non-essential staffing hours required to run your facility and that only serves to further compound spending avoidance.

With energy cost continually increasing, the reduction of energy consumption is often at the forefront of potential tenants and property buyers. By ensuring that the building management system is up to date with the latest technology will add value to the development for you or any future prospective tenants or buyers.

Should your building be running the latest variant of a building management system, then it is likely to be operating at its peak efficiency performance and resulting in minimal wear and tear on plant equipment and systems such as pump motors, fan motors, boilers, actuators and more. This can then equate to less damage over time on plant equipment and will therefore decrease your mechanical maintenance and repair costs over time.

Potentially buildings that have increased air quality and temperature control often have staff and employees who are more productive. In addition, environments with increased air quality provide a healthier working environment and therefore help to ensure health and wellbeing of staff and employees, ultimately resulting is staff and employees taking fewer sick days. Should your building be occupied and utilised for your own business rather than tenants, this can then affect your overall imitate profits and potential future resale values. Should your building be comfortable and offers a pleasant working environment for tenants, then you are less likely to receive complaints. This can then translate into less time and money spent dealing with complaints, which will also increase productivity. With happy tenants being likely to be long-term tenants, comfort can make your building a much more attractive investment option for them.

Obsolescence risk management is always something that should be considered with a building management system. Like most equipment and products overtime may become obsolete as technology and development moves forward. By upgrading the building management system to one of the latest building management variants will help negate this future potential. In addition to this as products move forward often it is the case that resources with the required skill sets to work on older systems depreciate from what is known as “Deep Smarts” and therefore as well as resource allocation, this can cause price increases from service providers due to supply and demand reasons and market monopolies.

Like a lot of technology, a recommended working shelf life is something that should be taken into consideration with the building management system. Taking into consideration that the system may be coming to the end of its recommended working shelf life, by carrying out a full upgrade would ensure that any potential issues are proactive as opposed to reactive and would therefore increased energy consumption, issues with comfort levels, unnecessary wear and tear on plant, callout fees and any further detrimental effects are helped to be negated. 

Most modern-day BMS control system such as the likes of Tridium are software licensed devise. As such these can then benefit from firmware updates to ensure your system is continually operating on the latest software release. By ensuring that the BMS benefits from regular firmware updates, this will ensure you the BMS is continually kept up to date with the latest software and security patch developments to ensure longevity of the system and can help to ensure the system is operating to its peak performance.